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Next Level Sales Performance, LLC was founded on two basic principles. We wanted to combine our vast experience of building and managing world class sales teams with our professional passion which is centered on helping companies grow and move their businesses to the next level. We accomplish this by providing companies the tools and knowledge required to increase sales and maintain productive sales teams. 

Our Mission Statement is “To provide the tools and knowledge so that Sales Professionals and Organizations can increase their performance and earn more money.”

Next Level Sales Performance sets itself apart. We work closely with the customer to develop a Strategic Sales Improvement Plan that addresses the business objectives and we model the Strategic Sales Improvement Plan to facilitate those business outcomes for your organization. 

Working with the customer, Next Level Sales Performance consultants implement the custom strategic sales plan designed for your business while always keeping in mind the goal of moving your company to the next level.

We operate our company by our V.I.P. principles:

We Value our clients

We live with Integrity

We work with Passion

These guiding principles mean that when you partner with Next Level Sales Performance, you know you’re getting a partner who treats your business as their own.

We make complex sales issues and requirements work. Our A.D.I.M. methodology allows us to Assess, Design, Implement and Manage a customized Strategic Sales Improvement Plan that your business needs to be more productive, effective and profitable. 

Assessment: Next Level Sales Performance will deliver to the customer a detailed sales assessment report based on the sales assessment interview process with recommended action items.

Design: Next Level Sales Performance will design a customized Strategic Sales Improvement Plan which will include recommendations for sales process development, sales training and sales coaching based on the results and needs determined from the sales assessment data. This program will be design to address the current and on-going needs of each sales/sales management individual.

Implement: Next Level Sales Performance will implement the custom Strategic Sales Improvement Plan based upon the client approved scope of work.

Manage: Next Level Sales Performance will provide sales management and sales coaching services based upon the agreed scope of work.

Our Sales Consulting Services include:

Sales Organization Assessment

Fractional Sales Management

Sales Process Assessment

Sales Recruiting

Sales Process Development

Customized Sales Training

Customized Sales Coaching 

Our Approach


Next Level Sales Performance will conduct a detailed Sales Organization Assessment and Audit of the existing sales organization. Utilizing our sales assessment tools which includes interviews of  sales people and sales managers, analysis of current sales  processes, review of current Key Performance Indicators, Sales Pipeline Reviews, and evaluation of all technology that automates processes and/or supports the sales organization.

Next Level Sales Performance will then provide a detailed written report making recommendations for initiatives to improve the sales organization’s people, processes and technology. 

The result of this engagement is a Strategic Sales Improvement Plan with a Customized Sales Training and Coaching Plan to implement all recommended initiatives contained within the strategic sales improvement plan.

Next Level Sales Performance sales training and coaching solution emphasizes behavior modification, personal development, sales skills improvement and goals achievement for sales professionals, ranging from inside sales to account managers to outside sales reps, and sales management professionals, ranging from business owners to sales executives to sales managers.

Next Level Sales Performance recognizes three primary reasons why a sales professional or sales manager would struggle to achieve their goals:

1. They are not prepared (and therefore miss, or mismanage key management and sales opportunities).

2. They are not organized (and therefore drop the ball often and delay decision and sales cycles).

3. They are not productive (and therefore they are overwhelmed with fear, frustration and inactivity).


A Next Level Sales Performance custom developed Strategic Sales Plan is comprised of six core competencies the top sales professionals learn, develop and apply consistently to successfully create and execute their Strategic Sales Plan to achieve their sales and income goals.

Next Level Sales Performance recognizes that sales coaching is a more effective way to help sales professionals produce real results compared to traditional sales management practices or sales training alone.  That is a huge difference between job security and employment risk, high sales employee turnover and high sales employee retention, sales management effectiveness and sales management ineffectiveness, and a huge sum of money both for the salesperson and company in terms of income.

Next Level Sales Performance provides custom designed sales training programs, performance improvement and learning services for people who work in sales and sales management. This customized sales training contributes to the growth and development of sales professionals and the companies they represent.

Our custom sales training is not just for rookies. As a matter of fact,  companies can obtain substantial return on investment by training their veteran sales people. Our training methodology allows us to customize our training based on  the needs of the individual. We improve performance regardless of experience levels.

Our  approach to sales training means that our programs are customized for each individual, not just the industry or company.

Our customized sales training programs make each program unique. People that we train feel our programs are created just for them. These customized programs lead to measurably improved sales performance.

Our customized program means we provide a Next Level Sales Performance instructor that has years of experience building and managing successful world class sales teams. Each person trained receives hands-on attention. The atmosphere created encourages hard work and measurable sales success.

Outsourced Fractional Sales Management

For those companies that need sales management help Next Level Sales Performance offers virtual sales management. As your outsourced  Fractional Vice President of Sales, Next Level Sales Performance creates a high-impact sales culture for start-ups and established companies to maximize sales revenue and keep C-level executives focused on higher priority tasks and core  competencies.

We take on all of the work involved with managing  your sales team week-to-week, including: hiring, training, managing weekly sales meetings, creating compensation plans, sales processes, setting sales metrics, developing Minimum Performance Standards, sales reports for management and holding team members accountable.

You need to manage your business; let us manage your sales team. We put a structure and sales process system in place until you are ready to hire a full time Vice President of Sales. The amount of involvement and cost varies based on the needs of the client.

Why Us?


Jimmy K. Curtin, our founder and CEO has more than 35 years of hands on C-Level experience building "World Class" sales teams in the technology and services business. This successful B2B industry experience includes telecommunications, computer software/hardware, IT networks, VAR , channel, digital advertising and service companies. 

Jimmy is  the author of "The Proven Sales Guide", published in 2017 as a sales tool to help sales people and companies sell more and earn more money.

The most unique benefit that Next Level Sales Performance offers to clients is the ability to provide professional sales process development, versus a typical "one-time" sales seminar format. Next Level Sales Performance provides sales process development and sales coaching based on a proven sales assessment process that includes  the sales and sales management team. 

By using our Sales Assessment process, each sales person will be immediately qualified for our customized sales training and one-on-one sales coaching. We will manage and monitor the specific progress of each individual to ensure the appropriate  sales development.

Successful business mentors are key and that’s why when it comes to client selection, we’re choosy. We want to give each of client the time and guidance they deserve.  

Whether you’re seeking a strategic alliance with the right partner or a special skill-set or tool, call us today at 1-800-310-0134. Together we’ll create and refine your plan for success. We didn’t get there alone. And neither will you. 

Key Industry Survey Statistics

“Sales Training + Sales Coaching led to an increase of 88% in sales productivity, vs. 23% from sales training alone.”

“ROI in sales training quadruples from 22% to 88% when reinforced by in-field professional sales coaching and reinforcement.”

“55% of respondents listed “lack of post sales coaching” as one of the top weaknesses of sales training.”

“Participants in sales training forget 78% of what is taught within 8 weeks when not reinforced utilizing sales coaching.”    

Statistics provided by Ventana Research, Sales Performance International, Centre for Management and Organizational Effectiveness, and DetaPoint Inc. 

Recently, Hubspot conducted research about sales prospecting and discovered these two shocking facts.

44% of salespeople give up after one touch point. 

80% of sales require five touch points.

Yes – that’s right! That means 44% of salespeople have an 80% probability they won't close the sale.

 Quick Summary:

Too often we give up after one email or phone call, despite data proving that multiple touch points are required.  Yet persistence is only ONE lesson that can be learned from the Hubspot’s study.  Let Next Level Sales Performance  shed some light on what really goes on in a “sales cycle”.

Two Minute Drill

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White Paper

How to Build and Develop a Highly Productive Results-Driven Sales Team

How to Build and Develop a Highly Productive Results-Driven Sales Team


PREPARED BY: Next Level Sales Performance, LLC

Jimmy K. Curtin, Founder/CEO


When building and developing any successful sales team, a leader must focus on the three primary components that provide a model for sales success: 1) people; 2) process; and 3) automation. It is also necessary, whether building a team from scratch or improving the current team, to address the three components in the order of which they are presented.  

Component #1: People 

As it relates to salespeople, there are very few eagles – the absolute superstars. These eagles are self-sufficient individuals who will succeed and be the best despite any structured guidance, management or leadership provided by the organization of which they are employed. Most salespeople fall into the “A” player or “B” player categories, or below. The key to building and leading a successful sales team is to hire and retain one or two eagles (if you are lucky – there is no science unfortunately to finding and hiring these individuals), then employ a strategy to attract, select, and hire “A” players and “B” players. THEN you must provide a systematic approach to cultivating, training, coaching and motivating the “A” players to continue performing at a high level while enabling the “B” players to ultimately perform like “A” players. Easier said than done! This “systematic approach” is known as a “Prescriptive Framework for Sales Success”. 

Let’s look at how to implement such a process: 

Prescriptive Framework for Sales Success 

1. Hiring Salespeople 

a) Identify what past experiences tend to predict future success, and consequently, determine a more effective and efficient sourcing strategy based on your findings (i.e. where are these “A” players right now?). 

b) Determine the hard skills that are most important and develop a screening process with the appropriate benchmarks for these hard skills. 

c) Determine what soft skills / core competencies are most important and build a behavioral interview to consistently identify them in potential candidates. 

d) Develop a customized assessment test for benchmarking the sales position, which will be used in the sales recruiting and hiring process. This assessment should be automated as an online assessment test if possible. 

e) An ongoing sales recruiting strategy should be employed by all key leaders and salespeople within the organization. This strategy should be supported by a formal sales recruiting process workflow, of which every member of the sales leadership team is involved in at least one step in the process. 

2. Preparing Salespeople for Success 

a. A formal new sales rep orientation program should be developed to indoctrinate all new salespeople into the organization within the first week (Day 1; Week 1). The focus should be on quality as it relates to information provided and the fastest rate in terms of time it takes to get all new sales reps to a proficient level of selling. 

b. Following the orientation program, a new sales rep should then shift into a formal 90-day on-boarding program. This program is supported by a sales success reference guide, measurement of a new sales rep’s progress against Sales Performance Indicators (SPI’s) and Key Performance Benchmarks (KPM’s), and a formal process involving 30-60-90-day reviews with formal coaching sessionsprovided by your organization’s sales leadership team. 

3. Cultivating & Supporting Salespeople 

a. Most companies refer to this process as “managing salespeople” or “sales management”. However, if you hire the right salespeople and provide a Prescriptive Framework for Sales Success as the sales management structure, then you will really be cultivating, supporting and motivating these high performers versus managing them. 

b. The cultivation process is really an extension of hiring and preparing salespeople for success. It is important that once guidelines and a structured indoctrination process are incorporated, that the sales leadership team hold both the sales team and themselves accountable to what has been mutually agreed to up front in the process in terms of expected results. 

c. At least one weekly team meeting should occur, specifically where the emphasis is on learning and improving. The topics should revolve around products/services/solutions in addition to fundamental and advanced selling skills and strategies. 

d. At least one weekly one-on-one meeting should occur between the sales manager and each sales rep. During this meeting such topics as a review of actual performance versus benchmarks should occur, in addition to addressing any challenge areas to be improved. “What’s working well” should also be reviewed during this meeting. 

e. At least one weekly coaching session should occur for each individual as a personal sales coaching session that is private and between coach and coachee. Under no circumstances should management topics (such as reviewing their sales pipeline or where they stand versus quota) should occur during these sales coaching sessions. The sole focus should be on helping the individual address Challenges-Issues-Goals (CIG’s). If a sales manager doesn’t have it in their DNA to distinguish between managing and coaching then an outside organization who specializes in sales coaching should be brought in to facilitate the coaching sessions, thus freeing the sales managers to focus on what they are really good at: managing. 

f. Finally, goal setting and career-pathing should occur between the sales rep and the sales manager. It is important that the sales rep is always striving to accomplish personal and professional goals – the manager should be tied into these goals and hold the sales rep accountable for achieving such goals. These topics can be addressed during Quarterly and Annual Reviews. 

Component #2: Process

In order to get the most out of a successful sales team, it is necessary to have sound processes supporting the sales team’s efforts. This is where a lot of organizations make a mistake – they assume salespeople know what to do and how to do it. They leave their ability to succeed to chance or luck. The reality is that processes are different at every organization. Although a salesperson knows inherently how to “sell”, including basic processes to follow in general, they need to be trained on your organization’s specific processes to be most effective. 

Without the initial overview of clearly documented processes and expectations, sales cycles will be lengthened (and even lost) as a result of mismanagement of the process. Documented processes that are easy to follow and understand should be implemented and adhered to by all members of the sales team in order to improve the growth rate of the business. Processes can also be in the form of programs that support the sales team’s efforts. 

Processes and programs should be developed for the following key aspects of the business as it relates to the sales force: 

1. Lead & Opportunity Generation (all facets including Networking, Social Media, etc.) 

2. Buyer-Seller Dialogues (all critical messaging involved in all possible selling scenarios) 

3. Client Meeting Management (who plays what role in such meetings?) 

4. Ongoing Prospect and Customer Message Management (including tools to enable this) 

5. Sales Opportunities – Assessment, Qualification & Management 

6. Proposals – Development, Management & Presentation 

7. Negotiation & Contractual Paperwork (including how to “close”) 

8. New Customer Initiation (onboarding and launching new customers)

9. Customer Service and Support (i.e. revenue protection) 

10. Cross-selling and Up-selling (i.e. profitable revenue growth) 

Component #3: Automation 

Where applicable, companies should evaluate the automation of certain processes and components of the sales organization. Companies should not implement sales-related technology for the sake of technology; rather they should automate processes to drive efficiency into the way they sell to and service customers. The goal is shortening cycles, improving quality of communication both internally and externally, improving “speed-to information”, and improving “speed-to-results”. 

Examples of specific processes that should be automated include:


1. Lead tracking via marketing campaign management 

2. Account & contact management 

3. Customer Message Management (CMM) 

4. Sales opportunity management

5. Sales forecasting 

6. Formal sales methodology adherence (i.e. Solution Selling, Strategic Selling, etc.) 

7. Proposal development 

8. Sales Knowledge Management (SKM) 

9. Formal Sales Coaching 

10. Reporting and analytics for all of the above processes 


At the end of the day, all salespeople want to know what is expected of them in terms of what they sell, how they sell, and specific measurable results they must deliver. Furthermore, they want to know they have the support of the management team and the necessary tools, knowledge and information to get the job done right. The more structured the support, guidance and processes the better. Keep in mind that most salespeople are not eagles, so they require this structured approach. As a result, it is crucial to the sales organization’s success that the leadership team provides a systematic approach with an emphasis on: Sales Talent, Sales Performance and Sales Management. 

Sales Talent is addressed within component #1 of the PPA Model – People. Sales Performance is addressed within component #2 of the PPA Model – Process. Keep in mind that component #3, Sales Management, is really the cultivation, support and motivation of sales talent and the way that sales talent performs. This, of course, is dependent upon whether the Prescriptive Framework for Sales Success (described above and throughout this white paper) is successfully implemented as the system for Sales Management. All of these components make up the complete sales organization. Planning for these three primary components of the sales operation will go a long way towards building and developing a highly productive results-driven sales team! 

About Next Level Sales Performance:  After 35 years of C-Level sales leadership for several major technology companies, Jimmy K. Curtin launched Next Level Sales Performance as its Founder and CEO. Next Level Sales Performance helps sales professionals, leaders and organizations increase sales and earn more money. More specifically, Next Level Sales Performancebuilds and develops sales teams for its customers through the company’s integrated Sales Training and Sales Coaching enablement services and solutions. 

Jimmy has 35 years of experience in sales, sales management, entrepreneurship and business operations primarily at emerging-growth IT services firms ranging from startups to mid-market national companies prior to launching Next Level Sales Performance. Jimmy authored “The Proven Sales Guide” and has custom-developed several sales-related methodologies. 

Company leaders turn to Next Level Sales Performance to help them achieve three goals: 

1. Shorten ramp up time for new sales hires 

2. Turn around ineffective sales performance 

3. Increase sales at a faster rate 

To contact Jimmy K. Curtin or a representative from Next Level Sales Performance, or to learn more about us, please visit our website:


What Others Have Said About Us



Alan Cooper

President,  Eisenberg and Associates

Jimmy has provided sales consulting for our agency. He's guided us in best practices and continues to help me to fine tune my business development skills. His understanding of how best to connect with prospects through the sales process is impressive and very helpful. Plus, he is just an all-around great guy. I strongly recommend Jimmy and Next Level Sales Performance to any and all seeking to bolster their sales efforts and accelerate their sales revenues.

Andy Munro

Senior Vice President of Sales, Tacito Direct


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your assistance and your guidance in assisting me with our sales process over the past few months. Utilizing your sales assessments for our team, it was easy for us to identify our sales training and coaching  needs.

Having worked in sales and sales management for the same company for over 30 years, it was refreshing to have your help to develop some new approaches to our sales process that we had not thought of previously.

It is very clear that the methods and tactics for selling have changed since I started and I appreciate you taking the time to work with our team to improve both our sales processes and our sales results.

Without question I highly recommend Next Level Sales Performance to any company that needs to increase sales and improve their sales processes.

Kip Heuertz 

VP Marketing, Eicon Networks, Senior Consultant, IBM

“I was one of the people responsible for hiring Jimmy at Eicon Networks/Dialogic in 2005. I can absolutely say he was a great hire! Why? Revenue production - 12 of 13 quarters exceeding quota. Effective with both direct customers and channel partners. Delivers actions and results for customers. Quickly learns and understands the product/product line and the value it provides for customers. 

He is a been there, done that professional sales manager.  He rolls with the punches and is an outstanding sales mentor and sales coach.

Dave Casey

Principal/CEO, Calvus Cloud


Without reservation, I can recommend Jimmy Curtin, sales professional, coach, trainer and manager. I had the opportunity to hire Jimmy  on the strong recommendation of a mutual friend. It immediately became apparent that Jimmy was not only a great salesman, but a gifted sales leader. He took on a tough sales situation, built rapport with the client, and won a key contract at the end of our fiscal year. The following year, he advanced our engagement with the client to include over 65 remote office locations, resulting in one of our largest client contracts. At the same time, Jimmy was helping and coaching the other members of our sales team, and strategizing with our management and vendor partners to advance our sales organization. 

We immediately promoted Jimmy into an executive sales management role; the best decision ever. With his incredible help, we not only increased sales, built an award-winning team, but increased gross profit and client satisfaction. This rapid scaling of our organization ultimately allowed us to successfully execute an acquisition by a large regional organization, resulting in a successful exit. 

Jimmy is energized by the sales process. He is constantly seeking to place the right people in the right seats, as well as refining and improving the sales process. His attention to detail and use of both predictive and trailing indicators ensure that fantastic results and steady, profitable growth follow his engagement. He is also a great judge of character and has an innovative approach to team development. Jimmy’s personal work ethic and positive attitude shine through in the way he conducts business. I can be contacted at any time to share more about Jimmy Curtin.


Trevor Renquist 

Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Gold Systems, Inc 

“Jimmy Curtin is a supportive business partner, understands the market and the client and partner requirements, and stays current on the latest in sales technology, sales methods, coaching and training. 

Jimmy has been a go to partner in helping build our sales team and market share. He has always been available to assist with building our sales processes and strategic sales plans. He always came through when I needed him, and he was a true partner with a keen understanding of what was required to get the job done. I know Jimmy will be a key asset for any company looking to grow their revenues through sales coaching, training and management.

Kent Warny

Lucas Group, Business Development Manager

“I have had the pleasure of working under Jimmy for several years. Jimmy's dedication to his employees and their success was inspiring. Not only was he my boss, but he was also a mentor to me. His commitment to his team, to the company, and to me personally are all reasons why I would certainly work under him for any company, and why I can certainly say that he's the best sales manager, sales coach, mentor, trainer and I've ever had.”

Juliana Bailey

Account Manager at Lantana Communications

“Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a highly successful sales coach and mentor—but I did when I worked for Jimmy. His professional guidance and support while at Westron Communications was invaluable and contributed a great deal to my overall success. Jimmy was dedicated to helping the sales team as a whole achieve their goals and he molded a work atmosphere that was professional, fun, energetic and supportive of one another. I have grown personally and professionally and consider the time I worked for Jimmy a blessing. As a sales management professional, Jimmy earns my highest recommendation.”

Rob Martinez

Technology Sales, Business Development & Management Professional


There are four words or phrases that immediately come to mind when I think of Jimmy Curtin: Integrity, Relationships, Team Player and Goal-Oriented. Reflecting on the time when Jimmy reported to me, and elaborating on each word/phrase, respectively: I could trust Jimmy implicitly, knowing that he says what he means & means what he says; Jimmy knows what it takes to build a strong channel, and puts lasting partner & customer relationships at the top of that list; I could consistently count on Jimmy to put the good of the team ahead of any personal or individual goals; and - speaking of goals - while certainly not least, Jimmy was always focused on achieving his targets, often starting out a conversation by stating where he & his team stood against plan. As Jimmy's manager I appreciated all of these elements, and more, particularly his good sense of humor, his willingness to adapt (essential in a good leader) and his uncanny ability to keep things in balance.

Tony Everson

Strategic Alliance Director at Jabra, for Microsoft

“As a Dialogic Regional Manager, I was a peer of Jimmy’s at Dialogic after the Eicon and Cantata acquisition. I found Jimmy to be extremely knowledgeable about our industry and trends. Jimmy also had a superior grasp on the business dynamics related to his Southwest Region. Jimmy’s sales team was always well prepared and demonstrated the ability to execute complex sales plans and strategies. On numerous occasions I observed Jimmy’s leadership and management style successfully leading his team through challenging times related to the economic recession. Jimmy always demonstrated a positive attitude and was a team player across the board. Any company looking to utilize Jimmy to enhance its Sales and Management team will be enriched by doing so.”

Scott Lingren

Global Technology Transformation Executive

“I have known Jimmy for many years and have found him to be one of the most focused, professional, tenacious, positive, achievement-oriented people I have ever known. If you could patent "can do", "will do," and "it's done" then Jimmy would be named as one of the patent owners.   His customers love him, his teams respect him, and he consistently helps companies build world class sales teams. Plus, he is great to work with. Jimmy Curtin is the total package.”

Larry Deering

Senior Vice President of Sales at Working Solutions

“The bad news is that Jimmy Curtin is a mature, opinionated individual and suffers from many addictions. The good news is that his addictions include way over quota sales performance, very strong customer relationships, the need to get the most out of his employees, a constant thirst for relevant industry and product knowledge, the need to persuade executives to use technology to improve their business results, fashionable clothing to look his best, extreme devotion to his wife and family and a passion to be the best among his peers and the best within himself. 

Jimmy consistently gets extraordinary results and he does it in ways that improve the reputation and the brand of the companies, products and solutions he represents. I've known Jimmy and his family as for more than 25 years and I've managed Jimmy directly in a sales management capacity. He overproduced for me and for every other company that he's worked for. I recommend him highly without hesitation and I'm proud to call him a friend.


Chris Hodde 

Account Manager, Dialogic Inc.

“Jimmy was an absolute pleasure to work for. He is a very experienced professional sales manager built on a deep background as a line sales person. He has a certain utility quality about him in that he can play any position with first string quality that you ask of him. He is adept in the full range of sales skills from sales management to hunting to gaining the most from current accounts. 

Jimmy is always upbeat, on task, well organized and even keel which are all qualities that make him easy to work with and for. As a direct report he was always very clear about his expectations, gave plenty of notice for deliverables and was able to effectively manage corporate initiatives whether they were sales goal or administratively oriented. I highly recommend Jimmy and Next Level Sales Performance for sales consulting, sales training, sales coaching and sales management”. 

Joe Barnes

Senior Consultant, Kudelski Security

 Jimmy is a pure salesman. He has an incredible ability to get access to the decision maker and obtain an order in a short amount of time. He is a consummate professional, but appreciates good humor, in business and in personal relationships. I would hire Jimmy to provide sales training and coaching for my team without question. I cannot give a higher recommendation than that. 

Steve Beatty

Senior Director, GHS Interactive Solutions

 It has been my privilege to work with Jimmy over the last 5 years; a true professional in every sense of the word.  Jimmy's strengths are his ability to effectively work with people at all levels. Jimmy is goal-driven for the company's success; organized, caring & diligent. He is a strong leader in the sales consulting, sales training and sales coaching business. His biggest strength is providing fractional sales management for SMB companies. Jimmy is definitely someone you want on your team! 

Bud Corley

Vice President of U.S. Sales, Dialogic Inc.

Jimmy Curtin and I have worked in sales together since 2006. I have known Jimmy as his manager when he managed the Western U.S. for Dialogic and also as his peer when he was Vice President of Sales for Eicon Networks. I can attest that he is one of the best sales professionals that I have had the privilege of working with. Jimmy's solid work ethic and his high level of energy and integrity, lead him naturally to the role of “trusted adviser” to his customers. As a manager and leader, Jimmy was appropriately involved in the activities of his direct reports without "micro-managing". His success in terms of revenue production speaks directly to his effectiveness. I highly recommend Jimmy Curtin as a valuable, seasoned, and knowledgeable sales asset for any company looking to improve and grow their company.

Kurt Brumleve 

Regional Account Manager, Globaltranz, Inc.

“I have known Jimmy Curtin since 2001 when he was hired to be the Vice President of Sales for Conexio, a large VAR (Value Added Reseller) for Frontrange Solutions, which is the manufacturer of HEAT helpdesk software and Goldmine CRM software. 

As Vice President of Sales, Jimmy hired, trained, coached and managed our sales personnel and all of their activities in the US. Because of his management style; he and his sales teams consistently exceeded sales revenue goals each quarter. Jimmy was instrumental in the success of our company. Jimmy has an excellent work ethic, elite sales training and coaching skills, proven leadership, and strategic organizational skills. He has tremendous marketing experience and the ability to motivate people in a very positive way. I would highly recommend Jimmy and Next Level Sales Performance to help any sales organization.”

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